Speaking of Changes, as of October 10th, 2017 this site is getting an overhaulin'. =) Not sure when I will be done with it.

I have actually settled on a look I like. I created the design elements if not the layout. Please respect my work and do not take the images. I would like my site to remain unique. If you like this layout you can find out how to do it here: Complex Spiral Demo

99.9% of everything on this site, i.e. the content, is written by me and as such I have the copyright to it. Do not copy any of the content to anything else or to anywhere else without first asking please.

This website will constantly grow and evolve as long as I am alive. It will speak of my interests, my thoughts, my dreams. I will share as well my writing, my photography and anything else that is of interest.

Perhaps you too will share in some of my interests and if so perhaps you will find some joy in the site contents.

Passions locked away scream to be set free. - Heidi Gagne

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